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Along Came a Prince

The stars of this story are Stacia Saunders and Prince Clayton Alexander.

Destiny has succeeded in bringing them together, but throws obstacles in their  way guaranteed to make them trip and fall…

In love?


Along Came A Prince is Stacia and Clay’s contemporary romance story.

He is Prince Clayton Alexander who has lived in exile most of his life in SwissDen with his parents, the king and queen…until one enchanted evening when he meets a certain Hollywood actress with a temper to match her flaming-red hair.  At the same time, he is discovered for his ice-sculpting artistic creations, and to his chagrin, his privacy disappears and lands right in the hands of the always-present paparazzi.

Stacia has her own issues when she meets “Prince Charming,” and they don’t make for a happy ending to a fairy tale.  She is approached for a new, never tried before, movie role and accepts, only to find out history may repeat itself when someone with revenge on his deviated mind wants her dead.

Stacia and Clay both are stars falling for each other.  But when the past collides with the present, will Stacia survive? And if she does, will she ever decide the time is “right” for the two star-struck lovers to marry and live happily ever after?

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Along Came A Prince was inspired by the ever-present past.
The Lost Soulmate was inspired by life and beyond.

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