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Along Came A Prince

What is Along Came a Prince about? 2017-02-11T03:01:55+00:00

Cinderella never had it so good.   Neither did Prince Charming!

Unlike Cinderella and her prince, Stacia and Clay’s romance doesn’t end at midnight, but when Stacia’s “reel” movie life gets tangled up with her “real” life, it takes more than a glass slipper for Prince Clayton to gallop to her rescue.

But what is a prince to do?  He’s as enchanted with this red-haired princess of Hollywood fame, as she is to him.   One thing’s for sure, there’s no fairy tale endings in Stacia’s kingdom of Hollywood.   Instead, a stalker, a kidnapping, the mafia and the paparazzi reign supreme as the evil stepmother.

And what happens when past lives trip up the present one?  Can there be a forever future for Stacia and Clay?

You say that Along Came a Prince is inspired by the ever-present past. Do you really believe this? 2017-02-11T03:02:08+00:00

Yes, I do.  I don’t think you can ever get rid of, or escape from, your past.  It has influenced your life, no matter how, in so many ways.  You would not be you without this influence.  Your environment.  The way you’ve been treated with love or abuse, and your memories.  And your reactions to your actions. All these experiences have contributed to the total package wrapping of what makes you unique.  And if you believe in Karma, you definitely believe the past is always present.

Do you have a favorite quote? 2017-02-11T03:17:22+00:00

Of course. Doesn’t everyone? My favorite quote happens to come from Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, and I never discovered his words until I had finished writing The Lost Soulmate and Along Came A Prince!  This quote about soulmates encompasses the premise of these two books:

” Love is composed of a single soul
inhabiting two bodies.”

Does Along Came a Prince have a message hidden inside it? 2017-02-11T03:02:41+00:00

The message Along Came A Prince imparts is to search inside yourself through meditation and your dreams.  You can do this by simply meditating.  You do not have to have past life regressions to receive the benefits of meditation.  You will learn much either way.  When, and if, you are ready to advance further into what’s waiting for you inside yourself, i.e., your Higher Self,  you will know when the time is right.  (Just like Stacia knew.)

The other message is, to quote a song and movie title, “Love is a Many Splendored Thing.”

What’s one final thing you would like your readers to know? 2017-02-11T03:16:06+00:00

The human race has explored Planet Earth and its surrounding planets, the deepest oceans, the highest mountains, and the moon and space.  There still is one place left to explore and conquer.  It’s inside yourself.  Fortunately, it is a “new age,” and people everywhere are in tune with it. Learn to meditate and explore! Just remember…

There’s a whole new world inside you!

The Lost Soulmate

How did you come up with the idea for The Lost Soulmate? 2017-02-11T02:16:51+00:00

I had a dream.  It explained Intermission and what  happens there after you die.  I even learned the title (Intermission, except it has now been changed to The Lost Soulmate) and Julian’s name from the  same dream.  The plot, more or less, was also outlined.  Who can turn down a gift like that?  So I started writing what had been given to me, and everything simply fell into place…well…it wasn’t quite that simple!

How did this interest in past lives start? 2017-02-11T02:16:34+00:00

Reincarnation has been a subject that has intrigued  me throughout my life.  Then a dream appeared, and The Lost Soulmate became the diving board into a sea of writing, research and discovery.

Do you believe in reincarnation> 2017-02-11T02:16:23+00:00

Some of my favorite movies have been about reincarnation, so my education on the subject keeps growing.  For example, my favorite movie about reincarnation is “Chances Are.” It goes beyond what other movies do, more like my books do.  When a new movie comes to town about reincarnation, I’m first in line to see it.  I really want to believe in it, but I seem to remain in the exploring stage.

What qualifies you to write a book like The Lost Soulmate? 2017-02-11T02:16:01+00:00

Years ago, mostly because of my interest in past life regression, I began to explore the psychic world with the best mentor I could ever hope for, and together with two friends, we studied almost every aspect, area and angle of the psychic world for over ten years.  I shall always be grateful for what I learned with my co-explorers.  It was a life-changing experience I would have never wanted to miss.

Have you ever tried past life regression? 2017-02-11T02:15:44+00:00

Hmm…yes, but that’s another story for another time.  I did find regression images very real and detailed, however.  These images are like a dream, but they somehow don’t fit into a dream’s requirements.  To me they are interesting, curious and leave you feeling whatever emotion the regression scene showed you.  Sadness.  Fun.  Happiness.  Hope.  Love.  Most of all, unlike a dream you’ve forgotten, you’ll never forget these memories years later. Whenever you play them back, you will see each one as if it had happened moments ago in a real lifetime.  They are a virtual reality you can travel to alone and safely, and they remain as vivid in your mind as when you first experienced them.

You do need to know that regressions do not necessarily happen the first time you meditate.  Nor will you have a past life regression every time you meditate…and maybe never.

Julian, C.G. plays a big part in your story. How did he get such a starring role? 2017-02-11T02:15:19+00:00

Julian came with the package.  He stepped out of my dream and kept contributing all this dialogue, and he never let me think while I typed his part in Intermission.  My daughter actually got a headache trying to edit the first draft of the story filled with all of his contributions.  Some people call this channeling or automatic writing, yet authors everywhere claim this happens when a character takes over a story.  In this case, Julian took over the story.  He had so much to say, and I wanted to hear it all.  So I typed and read it later.

Where did you get the idea for the Galaxy of Destiny? 2017-02-11T02:14:54+00:00

I’m still trying to figure that out myself.  Again, its creation was part of my dream.  Luckily, I keep a pad of paper and a pen next to my bed, so I can write things I never remember in the morning.  But try as I may, I cannot believe that the acronym for the Galaxy of Destiny is G.O.D.  The Galaxy of Destiny was there from the beginning, and one day I realized what it stood for.

What was the most unusual experience you had writing your book? 2017-02-11T02:43:44+00:00

In an earlier draft, Shayna and Damon were going to have dinner in a supper club near Milwaukee in 1950. The restaurant actually existed, and I have their newspaper ad to prove it. Even though it had been torn down, I wanted to visit the site anyway. So I drove the Milwaukee lakefront to Mequon. I asked a policeman who happened to be sitting on a bridge next to where I had to turn off (Synchronicity of the Universe, perhaps?) for directions to the site. I drove down a dark, tree-shaded road leading to my destination. All of a sudden, a strange, eerie feeling came over me. It felt as if Shayna and Damon were close by, and I was interfering in their private world. The feeling was so intense that I couldn’t shake it. I turned around and headed out of the mini-forest before locating the site. I had never had that feeling before or since, and that part of the scene was deleted. And no, I never went back again.

Do you have any advice for would-be writers? 2017-02-11T02:43:58+00:00

Writing has been magic in my life.  Along with my continuous exploration of the Universe, I researched anything and everything I could about writing.  Classes. A critique group.  Reading books.  Writing conferences and internet surfing.  Marketing.  Brainstorming with my family.  I believe the actual writing process is something everyone should experience, that is, when the characters take over the story and decide what they want to say (although some people say characters can take you way off the path you are on in your story).  Julian and Barb were always in charge.  Shayna and Damon wanted their privacy and mostly, let me create them.  They trusted me to be discreet and keep them in character, except they both dictated some of their very private thoughts at the most unexpected times.  (Especially Damon.)

What messages do you want readers to get from The Lost Soulmate? 2017-02-11T02:44:13+00:00

The beautiful and wondrous feeling of hope.  I didn’t realize it when I wrote the book, but test readers kept telling me they felt “hope” after reading it.  It’s a lovely idea that you and your soulmate will live forever as one in the Galaxy of Destiny.  Plus, you get many chances to incarnate again to find your soulmate.

Along Came A Prince was inspired by the ever-present past.
The Lost Soulmate was inspired by life and beyond.

The whole world is at your fingertips…

One if by land,

two if by sea.

Wherever you go,

reading will be.

Take a little time out of your day to read!