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The Lost Soulmate  

Intermission is the breath between lifetimes
There is no such thing as death…
There are only intermissions in life.

Julian C.G.

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Come find me…

And Shayna does.  At night in her recurring dream, her Adonis waits for her.  But her daytime love life, by choice, is non-existent, so just dreaming of that mythical man is enough for her.  Why would she want anyone in her life anyway?  She already knows what happens to people who love her—they leave.  Her life is organized and uncomplicated now, and she likes it like that.

Until Damon Dane walks into her life.  Sexy.  Handsome.  And oh-so-familiar.  Is he her Adonis and maybe  more—her soulmate, perhaps?

Ex-sailor Damon Dane may look larger than life on the movie screen—and all the women in America may be in love with this new Hollywood star—but Damon is looking for something more.  He’s desperately searching for his mystery woman, the one who says, “Come find me,” every night in his dreams.

Two people.  Two dreams.

Can Shayna and Damon find happiness in the harshness of the day’s light? Or will the twists and turns of life and Destiny’s plans seal their fate in another way…and in another time?

The Lost Soulmate is Shayna and Damon’s forever love story of hope and promise.  It could be anyone’s story though, even yours. Read and listen carefully, and you may hear whispers of your own destiny…your own inner-mission.

Along Came A Prince was inspired by the ever-present past.
The Lost Soulmate was inspired by life and beyond.

The whole world is at your fingertips…

One if by land,

two if by sea.

Wherever you go,

reading will be.

Take a little time out of your day to read!